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It happens every cycle — election day hits and everything that comes after election day is truly the worst because there is no energy left after laying it all out on the field. Managers are trying to find all of the minivans they rented, organizers are ditching their last “shift” to clean their field offices, and teams will host a day or two of workshops, create a Google listserv, and there you have it — go forth, thanks for saving Democracy, “good luck, hope you find a job!”

We know we are a week away from election night of arguably the biggest election of our lives. We wanted to post this Medium post as a call to action to all campaign employees & employers: we must have each other’s back after election day. And because Inclusv is a community of professionals who identify as BIPOC in politics, we also want to say we need to especially look out for staff of color during this time. …

A readout from Inclusv Members & a 6-Step Guide for Managers

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Inclusv is a Black and brown founded and led initiative that launched 5 years ago. It is managed by Alida Garcia and Malik Hubbard who have a combined 35 years of political campaign experience working across issue and electoral organizations and campaigns at the national/state/local level, and within labor, government, candidate campaigns, and nonprofits.

Over the last 5 years Inclusv has challenged the political sector to improve its recruitment, hiring, training, retaining, and promoting of talent of color. In the day-to-day we service our membership, which now comprises of thousands of people who self identify as a person of color looking for their first or next job in politics. Part of helping our members includes helping our employer partners increase the number of talented Black, Indigenous, and other people of color able to access their job descriptions. Inclusv is currently in the middle of an organizational transformation to help even more members reach more employers to continue building a sector reflective of our values, and are excited to share these updates in the coming weeks. If you are an employer looking to do more than issue a statement that says Black Lives Matter, we encourage you to reach out to



The mission of Inclusv is to ensure staff of color are found at every professional level within the political sector.

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